The Last Request by Katherine Burlakean Amy Prowers book

Amy Prowers hadn’t planned to be in Mexico. She hadn’t planned on dropping everything and jetting to Italy. She hadn’t planned on having her life turned upset down or being held a hostage.

No, Amy Prowers, hadn’t planned on abandoning her career … and becoming a seeker of fulfilling her father’s last request. The request that had the words attached: be careful who you trust.

Benton Prowers’ death in a suspicious plane crash-and has changed the life of Amy. His words, be careful who you trust leads her on a quest to uncover the real Shroud and if it isn’t in Turin as the Catholic Church believes … where is it?

In this second Amy Prowers novel, she is caught up in the web of deceit, scandal, and terror that threatens her and everyone around her.

  • Will Medak, the young monk at the monastery, help Amy understand the clues her father hid in the icon book … or should she trust him?
  • Will El Ben Alemien, the evil North African leader, know that Amy is pretending to know where the Shroud is hidden at the Gracanica Monastery?
  • Will Christianity as it exists today, be able to survive when the truth comes out?

In a sweeping current day global suspense thriller, The Last Request takes you behind the scenes in a tense drama-filled story that is enveloped in mystery, intrigue, and religion.

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an Amy Prowers book

The Bystander is a mystery thriller set in Saudi Arabia where political power, religion, and oil money intersect.

The king is dying, and a successor must be chosen from the next generation, the grandsons of the Abdul Aziz, the founder of the kingdom. One prince, His Royal Highness Rashid Abdul Aziz, whose father was killed in an assassination before he took the throne, is determined to rule. He is financing terrorism to kill off his half-brothers and cousins. Royal blood is not enough. He needs to demonstrate he is worthy of the crown. If his wife can find the first Qur’an, used by the Prophet, Prince Rashid will be the next king.

Rashid needs someone he can trust, and asks an American friend, Amy Prowers, to assist his wife, Princess Hassa, on the excavation and to validate the finding. Amy is not an archaeologist, but through her aunt’s private international organization, the Committee, has access to experts who could validate the excavation at the ancient city of Ubar in the Empty Quarter. Eager to help her deceased husband’s friend, Prince Rashid, Amy arrives and discovers there is more at stake than ancient cultures.

The kingdom is a breeding ground for a new generation of terrorists. Prince Rashid, is believed to be the founder of a secret sect called the Black Princes. Amy’s life is at risk as she becomes a participant in her friends quest for the Saudi throne.

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