A Last Request - Prologue; the Search for the Shroud of Turin

A Last Request - Prologue

A Last Request – Prologue By Katherine Burlake

1945: Gracanica, a Serbian village

The train was late.

Benton Prowers hoped that wasn’t an omen. He and his partner, Brother Veilkov, needed every minute to locate the Shroud of Turin and get it off the train without being detected. It must stop, he told himself, because […]

A Last Request - What Might Have Happened to The Shroud of Turin

Author, Katherine Burlake

At age 8, Katherine Burlake couldn’t find a single decent book to read in the children’s section of the Webster City, IA, library. She asked the librarian for help and was eventually shown Pearl Buck’s, The Good Earth. Many children her age would never have enjoyed this picture-less book written in 1931 […]